Loft Conversions

Loft conversions are becoming a popular way of adding more room to your house. Many people convert their loft into offices or playrooms. However, converting a loft into a bedroom will increase your home’s capacity. If you are considering if you should convert your loft into an extra bedroom, here is an easy to follow loft conversions guide.

1. Before Starting the Work

Like any other work, you need to take the time to plan the space when you do loft conversions. You also need to get the right permits for the renovation. Setting a budget is one the most important steps since loft conversions can have a wide price range. You will also need to figure out if you are going to do the work yourself, or if you are going to use a contractor. Both options have pros and cons, and the best option is the one that fits your design plan.

2. during the Loft Conversion

After all the planning is complete, you can start the process to convert your loft. The first thing that you need to think about is how to enclose the loft. If the loft already has walls, you can use those. You may want to move the doors or add more walls for closet space.

You also need to think about the amount of windows and lights that the loft needs. Many times, when you add new windows, you will need an exterior permit, so you may end up waiting to add them. Adding new lighting is usually covered by most building permits, and can help with how the loft will look.

Ceiling height can be a major factor in loft conversions because the ceiling needs to be a comfortable height. Steep roofs can make some areas of the loft unusable, so you should be careful with the amount of floor space you have in the room that is usable.

3. Stairs

Turning a loft into a bedroom means that you need to change the stairs to the loft. There are many options that you can pick from. The amount floor space you have will affect the types of stairs that will work the best in the space. Spiral stairs are great for small spaces, but should not be used if there will be a lot of foot traffic. Traditional stairs are the best option, but they can take up a lot of space. Many lofts use ladders because they are more durable, and can be moved out of the way when not needed.

The process of loft conversions will vary depending on the area you are living in, and the style of your house. Planning before starting work to convert your loft will limit the amount of problems that you will run into during the process.